Product Description

The Steinbrenner brothers are fed up with Alex Rodriguez, the most expensive player on their New York Yankees roster. Rodriguez has embarrassed the team with doping bans and lawsuits. Worst of all, it looks like he’s washed up!
They want him off the team and off the books, so they hire the famous French hitman, Sébastien, and tell him to make it look like an accident.
Meanwhile, under the tutelage of Barry Bonds, Rodriguez works to regain his MVP form–and his fans. It seems there may be life in that old bat yet. He starts dating Taylor Swift.
Can A-Rod turn back his clock before Sébastien stops it? Can Hank Steinbrenner channel his late father and bully this one through?

Come for the laughs, stay for the thrills: it’s…SLUGGERHUNT!

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“(A) cavalcade of errors involving Taylor Swift’s nose, Gérard Depardieu’s appetite for shrimp, and a tearful, pompous hologram…The dark-humored plot moves briskly in Sluggerhunt, and the laughs I got alone were worth the 99¢ price of admission.”
-R.J. Casey, Fox Hunting