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Lobster Trap

This Moby Dick-themed Macadamia Charles story was originally published in The Classical magazine’s Issue 8 in February 2014. (Please subscribe!) Art, as always, by Joe Applegate. click to enlarge


Please enjoy this excerpt of my novelette SLUGGERHUNT, in which the New York Yankees hire the famous French hitman Sébastien to kill Alex Rodriguez. Buy the full copy on Amazon or directly from me through Paypal. If you’re not satisfied, e-mail me (damon.agnos at gmail) and I will refund your 99 cents!

Dwane Casey at the Bat

One hundred twenty-five years ago, Ernest Thayer wrote the famous poem Casey at the Bat, immortalizing the mighty Casey’s failure in the clutch. Earlier this year, in a softball game with the Charlotte Bobcats, Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey had an opportunity to redeem the Casey name:  

A Note to Potential Vatican-Themed Swindlers: Do Your Homework!

The chickens are finally coming home to roost for Raffaello Follieri, former boyfriend of Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway and alleged defrauder of big-time investors. Follieri used his family’s Vatican connections to persuade capital firms to bankroll a scheme whereby he would buy up Church properties in the States and redevelop them for socially responsible purposes. […]

Vladimir Radmanovic: An Appreciation

His website calls him “The Perfect 10 Model” (and even provides a recipe). He’s built like a power forward, shoots and passes like a guard, and can get off the floor when the mood strikes him. And he’s got that Miami Vice flair: He was kicked off the Serbian national team for peeling and eating […]

Kevin Durant, Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs because his legs, like his arms, go on forever. If ever there were an argument to bring short shorts back to the NBA (and I think there are several, but I’ll proceed on the assumption that I have to choose one), it’s Kevin Durant. The man’s a freak, with the grace of a […]